Hannah Aroni

In her arts life, Hannah Aroni is a writer, director, dramaturge and illustrator. She’s part of the arts core of A_tistic, a theatre, education and consultancy collective dedicated to telling autistic stories and spreading understanding of neurodiversity. Her writing has appeared in Overland and SBS Life. She’s worked in law, disability advocacy, academia and social work, and is a Board Member of Pathways Melbourne, an organisation that supports people leaving or changing their relationship with their faith or religious community. Hannah is endlessly fascinated by the complexities of interpersonal communication and the challenges of developing a utopian imagination.

Twitter: @TheMonaOgg
A_Tistic: a-tistic.com.au

Mary Borsellino

Mary is a writer and probably a vampire. She works in video game localisation, is deaf in one ear, and likes anime.

Website: maryborsellino.com

Cassandra Alexis Cho

Cassandra Alexis is a budding writer based out of Melbourne, Australia. She loves science fiction and cats, and is going to write a novel about science cats one day. In the meantime, data entry will have to do. ( ;_ ;)

Email: cassandra.tempest@gmail.com

Saf Davidson

Lee Davis-Thalbourne

Alison Evans


With her unique and empathetic perspectives on disability, sexuality, and the human condition, Saf aims to encourage empathy and connection with her work as a games editor, podcaster, and narrative designer. From her serial “Tourist” garnering broad praise to contributing as a writer to the award-winning “Dates 2” comics anthology and being an international speaker at GCAP 2018, her body of work makes it clear that she refuses to be put in a box—whether creatively or professionally.

Twitter: @wanderlustin
Website: notsafforwork.com

Lee is a gentle cat lover with a passion for statistics and data. He is a bisexual cis man who lives with his partner and co-producer Erin in St Kilda, with their two cats, Tribble and Boop.

Alison Evans is an award-winning writer of the queer, speculative, young adult fiction books Highway Bodies and Ida. They are the co-editor of the zine Concrete Queers with Katherine Back, and are a contributor in the queer #loveozya anthology Kindred.

Website: alisonwritesthings.com/
Twitter: @_budgie
Patreon: Alison Evans

Sav Emmett Wolfe

Andrea Klassen

Erin Kyan

Operations Manager for The Arcade. Triple award winning games developer and writer. Industry speaker with a focus on education and representation. Queer trans man.

Twitter: @TimesNTroubles

Andrea Klassen is an audio fiction writer and podcast producer based in British Columbia, Canada. She co-creates the sci-fi conspiracy thriller Station to Station for the Procyon Podcast Network and is hard at work on a soon-to-be-announced (maybe) queer romance podcast she vaguetweets about on the regular.

Twitter: @AndreaThisWeek or @S2Spodcast
Station to Station: procyonpodcasts.com/station-to-station/

Erin is a fat, queer, disabled, trans Leather man who strongly believes in the transformative power of art and emotion.

A writer and speaker who turns his attention to many different media, including outside of audio drama, Erin performs original spoken word pieces during performing arts festivals, periodically speaks on panels about disability and queer issues, occasionally writes small interactive fiction games, and publishes personal and visceral poetry zines.

You can learn more about Erin via his website, erinkyan.com.

Kochava Lilit

Michelle Nickolaisen

Roslyn Quin


Kochava Lilit is a queer and disability rights activist who absolutely loves being autistic, ADHD, and Jewish. They've presented at the Melbourne Writers' Festival and spoken about queer rights and culture at the United Nations. They volunteer with Ygender, a peer support and advocacy organisation for trans/gender diverse youth, and you can find them talking about defiance and diaspora Judaism at @queerjewishcrip

Michelle Nickolaisen is a writer based in Austin, TX. When they aren't writing podcasts, games, or novels, they can be found climbing things, watching Netflix, listening to podcasts, or playing Animal Crossing.

Twitter: @_chelleshock
Instagram: michelleshock
Tumblr: michelleshock


Roslyn is a charming raconteur with a piecemeal education drawn from sneaking in to lectures, asking too many questions, and jumping in to the ring (figuratively and literally) as often as possible.

Master of exactly zero trades, she makes her way in the world as a storyteller, collecting oddities, and drinking complimentary champagne on opening night.

Miranda Sparks

Alexander Swords

Lucille Valentine

Miranda Sparks is a wearer of many hats; web author, radio presenter, trans and mental health advocate, public speaker, and some say superhero. The glasses aid her vision and the tights are for fashion. Any other similarities to a real superhero is pure coincidence.

Website: mirandasparks.com
Radio Show: The Gender Agenda

Alexander Swords

Alexander Swords is a multidisciplinary narrative development specialist across the screen arts and beyond. As a writer, producer and artist he has produced content across reality television, film, video art, photography, interactive installation, the performing arts and, most recently, video games and mixed reality interactive experiences. These works have exhibited locally and internationally both serving niche audiences and the wider community to acclaim and recognition, including a spot in the National Sound and Film Archive of Australia. 

Website: alexanderswords.com
Twitter: @aboutalexander

Lucille Valentine is a desert rat masquerading as a voice actress, poet, visual artist, and LGBTQ+ community advocate whose works often include themes of poverty, queer and trans experience, and whatever her current existential crisis is. You can hear her in the podcasts The Six Disappearances of Ella McCrayMonsters Out of the ClosetZoo, and the upcoming second season of Unplaced, among a number of other upcoming shows, or by pressing your ear up against a cactus skeleton on a windy night. You can find her disappointing every grammar elitist on twitter @severelytrans.

Patrick Weyland-Smith

Rae White

Cecil Wilde

Patrick is a talented jack of all trades, who currently studies science. He has also trained as a dancer, vocalist and composer. He performs as the act PIXY STYX, a cyber punk musician who makes musique concrète pop songs. He also is a freelance writer with publications in TheFIX, SameSame, Manuscript Daily and produced as well as wrote and performed the queer history show 'Rainbow Crusaders' on JOY 94.9.

Facebook: PIXY STYX
Instagram: pyxystyxexysts

Rae White is a non-binary poet, writer and zinester living in Brisbane, Australia. Their poetry collection Milk Teeth won the 2017 Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize and is published by the University of Queensland Press. Rae’s poem ‘what even r u?’ placed second in the 2017 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize. Rae’s poetry has been published in Meanjin Quarterly, Cordite Poetry Review, Overland, Rabbit and others.

Website: raewhite.net
Facebook: Rae White
Twitter: @wings_humming
Patreon: Rae White

Cecil Wilde is a writer, editor, and probably not a real elf.

Twitter: @softestpunk