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The Show

Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke is a fictional sex and romance advice radio show set in a world where monsters are real.  

Monsters and humans alike call in to noted folklorist, sexologist and relationship therapist Dr Olivia Seabrooke for help in finding ways forward on the issues that spring up in relationships where people’s needs, cultures and bodies are radically different. A show for those who want diverse relationships, real advice, and happy endings, Seabrooke is a reminder that while relationships can be difficult sometimes, there is always a way forward, even if it’s hard to see at first. 

Seabrooke is built on a foundation of difference. This podcast showcases the work of 17 writers, and 38 actors from all over the world, including people of color, LGBTIQA+ people, and disabled people. From the show’s premise to the way the show is created, we work to bring people together by bringing people’s differences to the forefront, and then working with those differences. Seabrooke is a show where monsters are people, not metaphors. We want to see the diversity of our world reflected in the world within this show, including in the monsters that inhabit it.

Supernatural Sexuality is released on a fortnightly basis, with 12 episodes in it’s first season.

The Creator

Lee Davis-Thalbourne is one half of Passer Vulpes Productions, the podcast studio behind the hit fiction podcast Love and Luck. A queer man who lives in St Kilda, Melbourne, Lee lives with his partner Erin and their two cats, Tribble and Boop.

Lee created Supernatural Sexuality with Doctor Seabrooke as an attempt to expand the fiction podcast scene in Australia in a queer and positive way:

“I wanted to use this project as a way of encouraging writers to think of the audio medium as a potential way to tell rich and diverse stories, and for actors to consider audio as a valid theatrical form.”

The podcast also became a way for Lee to do something in the face of the increasing polarisation within the public sphere:

“With so much strife and division in the world, I want to show audiences that people from very different worlds can still engage with each other and find happiness, if that’s what they want.”

Cast and Crew

Supernatural Sexuality with Doctor Seabrooke was created by Lee Davis-Thalbourne, and is produced by Passer Vulpes Productions

Our various callers are written and voiced by many collaborators from around Australia and all across the globe with 17 writers and 38 voice actors on our cast and crew! You can find the full details within this press kit in our episode schedule and credits, or you can check the Cast, Writers, and Producers pages on our website.



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What People Have to Say About Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke…

As someone who’s always felt like an alien when it comes to human relationships and sexuality, Supernatural Sexuality is the perfect source of wholesome, extraordinary guidance!
— Øystein Brager, of The Amelia Project
Though it’s fiction you’re going to want to listen for the same reasons you listen to IRL relationship advice shows - voyeurism and a constant searching for the self, looking for advice that has a smidge of wisdom you can apply to your own relationship (even if that relationship is with a corporeal being). It’s addictive and gentle and the writing is whip-smart, with complicated characters and thoughtful answers to their fictitious problems.
— Jess O'Callaghan, Audiocraft Festival Manager
Not only is Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke a brilliant concept perfectly executed, it is by turns funny, insightful, wholesome, sex-positive and downright clever. Though many of the callers are supernatural, you will see echoes of your own relationships and sexuality expressed by them. Mama Boho as Dr Seabrooke is sublime, and it is fantastic to see so many familiar creators and actors contributing their talents to make something both unique and special.
— Chris Magilton, Creator of Among the Stars and Bones


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