Trailer - Questions


[Music: Jaunty, jazzy music plays]

SEABROOKE: Is your new lover a little... different?

CALLER 1: I've been dating a hydra...

CALLER 2: He's been 25 for 200 years!

CALLER 3: Err, so my boyfriend is a wereman...

SEABROOKE: Not sure where to begin?

CALLER 4: What position would you recommend when your partner has wings?

CALLER 5: Uhh... We've been doing a lot of impact play and, uh, the scales are starting to... drop off.

CALLER 6: What, exactly, is the right way to RIDE a centaur?

SEABROOKE: Need some help finding a way forward?

CALLER 7: And I know I should look him in the eye... but it's just really weird!

CALLER 8: H-How do I even approach this question without making her think that I've got, like, a murder skeleton in the closet, or that I'm a secret racist?

CALLER 1: Well, I thought that maybe, while you're away, I could date heads that are attached to different bodies?

SEABROOKE: I can help. I'm Doctor Olivia Seabrooke - Sexologist, Folklorist, and Relationship Counsellor. If you need help, I'm just a phone call away. Join me on Supernatural Sexuality, on the AusEtherial Network.